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Youth hostels are good ways to save money, and they cater to residents under 18 years of age. Over the years, hostels have evolved into more sophisticated places to rest one's head. There was a time when hostels left the cleaning to the guest, but cleaning is no longer a requirement at most places, which may explain the complaints of lack of cleanliness in some hostels. For this reason, really great hostels have been seen as rare. Here are three top recommended Youth hostels in London.


London Central Youth Hostel

The newer hostel is the London Central. It has been rated the number one Youth Hostel in London for several consecutive years. Some of its amenities it offers include an internet cafe, breakfast and a laundry room. You will usually have other roommates staying there as well. Each guest is provided a bunkbed and a shared bathroom. The hostel usually cost about 20  pounds a night for a bed and about 50 pounds a night for a room. It  is fully booked most weekends.

London Central is located near the West End in access to the popular museums and galleries and is open weekdays between 8am - 8pm, and Saturdays from 9am-5pm.



Safestay Youth Hostel

Safestay has only been opened since June 2012 and is the first of the new contemporary hostels. Located in the former Labour Party Headquarters on Walworth Road, Safestay runs inside this preserved historic building with stylish, colorful designs. In fact, it seems like more of a hotel than a hostel, because of its good service and amenities. It also uses a key card access to your room.

Spacious rooms include a public area that leads out into a walled garden. Complimentary breakfast is provided , and the bar and restaurant are open throughout the entire day. The ground floor has a free wi-fi and internet room and a 24 hour reception. All 74 rooms have bunkbeds with privacy curtains. Guests also have a choice of family rooms and private rooms. Other amenities include a pool, library, laundry room and luggage store. Prices can range between 20 and 50 pounds. What a great place for the reasonable price!



Astor Hyde Park Hostel

The award-winning Astor Hyde Park Hostel is a beautiful Victorian townhouse that caters to guests aged 18-35. It one of a chain of hostels that offer a total of 500 beds. The hostels have been refurbished and updated with wi-fi, kitchens and lockers.

Its location adds even more value, although reasonably priced at about $24. It sits next to Prince Albert Hall, and the Princess Diana Memorial.

Astor Hyde Park Hostel


Piccadilly Backpackers

Piccadilly Backpackers hostel provides comfortable accommodations and is only minutes from the West End tourist attractions such as Trafalgar Square, Soho and Oxford Street. You will have access to many of the shopping stores and the Piccadilly Circus tube station. With safety rules, good staff security and lockers in each room, Piccadilly Backpackers seems a bit safer than some regular hotels.

They offer a choice of private rooms with double beds with female dormitories available for as low as 12 pounds. There are a total of 700 beds in the five floor building. Breakfast is available as well as a 24hr internet cafe and 24hr security.

Piccadilly Backpackers


 Youth Hostels Tips

- If possible, check online for prices and room availability.

- Always bring a padlock to keep your belongings locked.

- Bring slippers to shower in and walk around in, because the floors may not be clean.

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