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Traveling to London is only part of the plan. Having a place to rest your head is another. Booking a comfortable hotel can be a headache if you are clueless about a less reputable one. To ease some of that pressure, here are some reputable hotels that meet your needs for comfort and rest during your London visit.


One Aldwych

Built in 1907, One Aldwych is still a contemporary hotel with gorgeous sculptures. With all the beautiful art to admire, the lobby gives you the feel as though you are inside a museum. Although this Edwardian style hotel is over a century years old, the modern art gives it a unique flair. It was designed by the same architects who designed the Ritz a year prior.

One Aldwych has two restaurants and two bars, with one restaurant, the Indigo, that serves everyday and  the other restaurant, the Axis, that has limited opening hours. This luxurious hotel features a non-chlorine pool, a sauna, steam room, therapy treatments a gym and a cinema! These amenities make this as one of the most stylish and accommodating hotels in London.

One Aldwych


Langham Hotel

Located on Regent St. 5 Star Langham Hotel since 1865, it has 380 luxury guestrooms and suites with modern hi-tech amenities, including its state-of-the-art gym. This elegant hotel is also known for its wonderful food, great service, unique suites, spa and the Artesian bar.  It may seem minute, but for some tourists, its thick towels are very impressive. One of the areas feature gigantic, black and white marble columns and a magnificant chandelier. It even features a grand piano for entertainment.

The location is perfect for shoppers, because of the access to all of the best venues. It has a wonderful view of the area. Famous clients Napoleon III and Mark Twain frequented this hotel.

The Langham Hotel


The Ritz

The legendary Ritz Hotel has occupied Piccadilly and St. James for over a century. The international hotel has attracted the rich, famous and middle class tourists from all over the world. It features the Pivoli Bar and luxurious meeting room named after French aristocrat, Marie Antoinette. Have tea and snacks at the Palm Court, but you must book at least a month in advance. Men must wear a jacket and tie to even sit and have tea.

There are 136 rooms and suites, including the Royal Suite known for its grandeur and is set over two floors. It features a fully furnished lounge and dining room at a total of over 1700 sq ft.

The Ritz


Park Lane Hotel

Located in view of Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, this hotel was once the residence of royalty.

It even offers a best price guarantee. Priced at about 300 pounds (over $450) per night, you can get discounts  and rewards to  help you save money. It may not be the cheapest hotel, but if you find a lower price somewhere else, then your first night at London Park is free! It doesn't get any better than that.

Park Lane Hotel


K West Hotel and Spa

K West is located in popular West London with great service and great luxury spas for the $175 price. It offers  more than some of the more expensive hotels. Its amenities include a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, herbal steam room and a fully equipped gymnasium. The price can also be discounted through some online booking agencies.

With all of the services included in the price, it is definitely a 4 star hotel that helps you save money.

Not everyone can afford to stay at expensive hotels, so K West is one of the less expensive hotels with the same  4 and 5 star accommodations as the pricier ones. Many nice hotels priced below $100 dollars are still inconveniently further away from the major tourist attractions and can still require costly transportation to commute. The K West Hotel and Spa is one that is highly recommended, because it offers the same luxury and still keeps you in the city center.

K west Hotel


Hotel Booking Tips

- To make an instant reservation, it is best to book online through hotel booking agencies, like, Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, etc., rather than calling international hotels long distance.

Online booking can also offer cheaper rates rather than booking through the hotel.

- It is important to check for details, such as check-in and out times, wi-fi availability and amenities included. Many foreign hotels do not offer microwaves  and irons for safety reasons. Towels are not as accessible, so if you have a larger family, you may want to bring extra towels.

- Depending on your nationality, pack a travel adapter and voltage converter for your phone charger, personal appliances like a hair dryer  or electric razor, because European outlets are not universal. Some have been known to blow a fuse if other outside appliances are plugged in directly into their sockets. When in doubt, ask the hotel staff for more information about their hotel in advance or research online before booking.

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