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As the world's most visited museum, British Museum is known for its contribution to human history and culture. It has an array of historical exhibits ranging from world history and movies to ancient and modern artifacts. Some of the most interesting exhibits include the history of Pompeii, Greece, Africa, Europe and Asia, which feature their own artifacts. Founded in 1753, it was the first national public museum in the world and once offered free exhibitions to everyone. Now, it offers free online video tours. You can start your tour from different entrances of the museum to avoid standing in one long line. Here are some of the tours you might see on your visit to the British Museum.

The Enlightenment Gallery was once a king's library that now stores over 5,000 artifacts in one room. Egyptian sculptures, European art and weapons and modern scientific tools all line the room with a variety that suites every person's tastes. There are also many traditional wedding costumes with beautiful,intricate, hand-made designs.

The Living and Dying Gallery houses statues from all over the world that were given to and donated by royal figures such as Queen Victoria. It also houses the life-sized crystal skull carving that was supposedly designed in England from Brazilian crystal.

The Mexico Gallery contains Aztec and Mayan pieces. It also contains the turquoise death masks that were used for human sacrificial rituals.

These are just a few of many galleries. There are even Romanian and Egyptian mummies and coffins of royal people, as well as sophisticated games and tools that were created by the Egyptians. Even if you don't get the opportunity to see everything, the architecture of the building alone is an exhibit. 

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