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The woman in black


The thriller play, The Woman In Black has captured audiences' attention for over 20 years. It is set in a local town and based around mysterious events at the Eel Marsh House, a woman in black appears as a warning that a child is about to die. After Mrs. Alice Drablow, the owner of the house dies, a  young solicitor named Arthur Kipps is sent to attend her funeral. Little does he know, that a sinister presence and haunting secrets surround the house and its town. Kipps attempts to investigate further with little cooperation from the residents. Years later as an old man, Kipps tries to fix the problem after he dives deeper into the past.

If you like drama and scary ghost stories, the terrifying shrieks, screams and suspense will surely keep you on edge. Directed by Robin Herford, The Woman In Black has grabbed much attention of the audience and is shown at the Fortune Theatre in London.

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