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Admin | 09 Apr, 2013 | Review : 10/10

Based from the 1860 novel by Charles Dickens, Great Expectations about an orphan named Pip who met an escaped convict in a local graveyard while visiting his deceased parents' graves. The convict forced Pip to steal food and tools for him to help the convict escape.

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Admin | 09 Apr, 2013 | Review : 8/10

The thriller play, The Woman In Black has captured audiences' attention for over 20 years. It is set in a local town and based around mysterious events at the Eel Marsh House, a woman in black appears as a warning that a child is about to die. After Mrs. Alice Drablow, the owner of the house dies, a young solicitor named Arthur Kipps is sent to attend her funeral.

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Admin | 09 Apr, 2013 | Review : 9/10

Author, John Buchan and film director, Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud to see Buchan's novel and Hitchcock's first classic spy thriller recreated as an award-winning play. After all, there is much significance in the number 39 being placed in the title, The 39 Steps.

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Admin | 09 Apr, 2013 | Review : 10/10

The Cripple of Inishmaan is a dark comedy that takes place in the small community of Aran Islands called Inishman, which is off the Western coast of Ireland. As news spreads about an American film crew shooting at an island next door, the Irish community tries to get involved.

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Admin | 09 Apr, 2013 | Review : 7/10

In this comedy, Relatively Speaking, Greg and Ginny are young lovers dealing with trust issues that begin when Greg finds slippers that he assumes belongs to another man. His suspicions grow when Ginny secretly tries to break up with her older married older, Philip.

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