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Singin in the rain


Singin' In The Rain is a musical whose title seem to speak for itself. Combined with singing, dancing, comedy and romance, it features classics such as “Good Morning”, “Make 'em Laugh” and “Singin' In the Rain”. It tells a story about a musician and dancer turned silent film actor named Don Lockwood who clashes with his mis-leading lady co-star, Lina Lamont. Lost between their on-screen romance and reality, Lina is jealous of Don's real-life relationship with an aspiring actress, Kathy Selden, who provides voice-overs for Lina and tries to seek revenge by trying to get credit for all of Kathy's work..until the drama unfolds.

The original West End production was directed by Tommy Steele and choreographed by Peter Gennaro.

You will be showered with fun-filled entertainment from this wonderful classic!

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