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The Natural History Museum has one of the widest range of specimens from the microscopic to the greatest that ever lived. It has over 17million specimens worked on by over 300 scientists who use it to discover new species, animals that are threatened and new ways that the world works. It even features replicas of animated dinosaurs that could boost your adrenaline. There, you will find some of the creepiest to the cutest animals. Some are more recognizable than others, but you will not be bored with all this museum has to offer.

The museum first opened to the public in 1881 and has been collecting and displaying all the wonders of the natural world. Amazingly, some of the deadliest creatures were microscopic and even beautiful—some of which are right underneath your noses. Today, the museum welcomes over 5 million visitors and over 7 million online. You can even spend the night there.

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