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National Maritime Museum


Located in Greenwich, London, the National Maritime Museum is the leading maritime museum in the UK and hosts underwater displays such as the Royal River Exhibition that has hundreds of unique objects that belonged to royal families and  famous composers.

Much legacy dwells in this museum. Its location of Greenwich was once a landing place for Romans and even Henry VIII lived here. There is even a steam engine that still runs as you pass by. Other items include large collections of portraits and paintings, manuscripts, ship models and clothing worn by famous war leaders. One of the uniforms was worn by Admiral Horatio Nelson. It is not  just the uniform alone that attracts so much attention. It is the bullet hole in the shoulder of the uniform and the history behind it. According to history, Admiral Horatio Nelson was shot and died in this uniform. Festivals have also been held at this museum.

As with many of the museums, beautiful modern and futuristic technology is also displayed here and is combined with artifacts from the past.

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