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Visiting Buckingham Palace can be easier than visiting other government places, because although there is an admission fee, setting appointments to see the inside of the Palace is not required. The Palace is residence to the British monarchy and is visited by over 2 million tourists annually. There is a specific wing of the museum that the tourists can see; however, photography is not allowed. Walk up the stairway and into the staterooms You can also see the symbolic Throneroom where Queen Elizabeth II and her husband sat once during her 1953 Coronation. There you will see the grandest, most beautiful chandelier worth over half a million dollars. 

The Palace also houses the latest wedding gown, which was worn by Princess Katherine. Even with an audio guide, there is so much to learn, yet has one of the least understood stories and private history. One of the more notable events at the Palace is the changing of the guard, which is a ceremony of “beef eaters” marching along the palace. There are a number of different ranks of guards who also serve in other areas of the military. The ceremony takes place after 11am daily during the summer months as they take turns taking over the shift guarding the Palace. They play a variety of music, including popular modern songs to add a bit of fun. It is amazing to see how dignified and formal changing shifts. Imagine trying that at your job during shift change everyday!

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