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Cirque Du Soir


Cirque du Soir (translated “Circus of the Evening”) is a night club and circus combined. What makes this exclusive club unique is the circus characters such as the ringmaster who welcomes you in, the clown and circus entertainment. The fire eaters, aerial acts and snacks could easily make you forget about the musical entertainment, depending on your preference. The atmosphere is as if you are at a costume party. The characters have amazing costumes but their performances will most likely grab your attention.

Located in the Mayfair/Piccadilly district in London, the venue has several stages, an Alice in Wonderland staircase, a DJ booth photo booths and much more! With a seating capacity of 500, it is best to order advance tickets, which can be purchased online, to help avoid the long lines. Because of the crowd, the staff may be quite selective. With the entry fee and gratuity, admission can also get expensive. Check online for possible discount prices or seasonal changes.

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