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Kew's Summer Festival: disseminating knowledge on botanical elements

Admin | Kew's Summer Festival, Kew's Festival | Apr 30, 2013


Through the world, there is a growing awareness on the usefulness of herbal, non artificial medicines, cosmetics, perfumes and above all herbal foods. A significant number of people have reported positive changes, in their body & mind that had been achieved through the use of herbal products. In the entire world, especially in the European continent, the royal botanical garden of kew is well known for its extent of operation and resources. Every year during the summer, Kew set his stunning botanical / herbal project & garden open to all for summer enjoyments, parties, festivals etc.

A huge collection of edible plants is there in the royal garden. Every edible plant along with the utilities of those is clearly descried before the visitors. Besides these, in the evening musical concerts are arranged to entertain the visitors. The food stuffs available at Kew’s garden are marvelous and unparallel to the world out there. As a summer destination, Kew’s garden and festival is really worthy.

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