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Hyde Park calling has turned Hard Rock Calling

Admin | hard rock calling, Hyde Park calling | Apr 30, 2013


Hard rock calling is a music festival that is held annually in London. From the year 2013, this music festival is supposed to be held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. However, in the past years, from 2006 to 2012, the hard park calling was held at Hyde part calling. Because of increased need for space for ever growing audience, the festival authority has decided to move to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park that is situated in the same city. To get the change of venue reflected on the name, festival authority had brought a change to the name; now that marvelous music events is familiar with a name of” hard rock calling“.

Most of the singers that sing in the Eric Clapton, the Who Eric Clapton, the Who tournament are from the field of rock music. A large number of music greats from all over the world attend this festival every year. Paul McCartney, bon Jovi , Eric Clapton, The Who etc are just some of mind blowing music personalities that attend this event.

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