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City of London Festival 2013: a decade long tradition of celebrating summer

Admin | City of London Festival | Apr 30, 2013


City of London festival or COLF in short, is arranged during the summer every year to celebrate and welcome the summer in London. The duration of that festivity lasts for at least 5 weeks. Diverse kinds of programs are arranged and executed during that celebration. The entire city of London gets into spectacular outfits during that occasion. Celebrating the arrival of summer in this way has been a tradition for the London dwellers since 1962. To continue the tradition, the London is all set to get flooded with joy.

A great number of mind blowing events and programs have been set to for the city of London festival in 1013. There are both kinds of programs; ones that charge nothing to the viewers or audience, the others charge entry fee for viewership.

The number of events or programs is so large, that is not possible to list all the items or events here. Numerous dancing and musical events have been arranged; those are too many to attend. However, by visiting the site (, you can have an overall idea on the respective programs & events.

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