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The world's oldest scientific zoo is stationed in London. It was opened on April 27, 1828 and houses over 760 species of animals. A vast collection of animals include the greater kudus, Arabian oryx, wombat, Tasmanian devil, etc. A  few of the many categories to view include Gorilla KingdomRainforest Life, Into Africa,  and the Aquarium. The London Zoo also provides programs designed to raise funds to help with various causes such as saving endangered species and extending the Tiger Conservation.

Some other adventures involve educational talks and demonstrations given three times a day at London Zoo's newest exhibit, Penguin Beach. It is especially fun to watch the animals during feeding time. The smaller animals, like live bugs and foreign insects are neatly stored away in a box for presentation at their Megabugs shows. With over 12,000 animals to see, tourists who have visited the London Zoo before (especially children) will want to return for another visit! Zoo tickets are free with a London Pass.

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