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There is so much to see in London that you could get an eyeful after only a visit to a couple of sites. The London Dungeon is like a virtual time machine whose ride takes you back to bone-chilling historical events that took place before most of these past two generations were born. It will provide you with two scarey rides   including the Extremis, Drop ride to Doom. The unforgettable 90 minute ride will transport you back to witness re-enacted events of Jack the Ripper inside his Whitechapel, Sweeny Todd, the Great Fire of London and the plague. With amazing technology, you will feel as if you are actually back in time and reliving each event. 

If you love suspense, scarey rides and history, then the London Dungeon is all of that rolled up into one! As you learn more about the historic events during your visit, be ready to scream!

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